Cialis is one of the most popular medications that have revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ed). It enhances effectively the ability to achieve erections and to maintain them, and also improves the satisfaction of sexual intercourse. The characteristic most unique and different of this medicine is its long therapeutic effect for 36 hours and that's why it is often called "the pill of the weekend".order cialis

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Cialis belongs to a group of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. PDE5 is an enzyme present in many tissues of the body, which helps prevent the blood vessels to relax and fill with blood. In fact, PDE5 is produced in larger amounts as you age, which explains why older men suffer more frequently from erectile dysfunction. Since the blood flow to the penis is necessary to achieve and maintain an erection, Cialis blocks the PDE5 and relax the smooth muscles and the blood vessels in the penis to. This relaxation leads to increased blood flow and therefore erections of long duration in men.

  • How to take Cialis

The Cialis is easy to administer. Take one tablet of 10 mg per day - this is the dose most often recommended for most men. Your doctor may increase or decrease this dose depending on your reaction. The drug may be taken with or without food. Never take more than one dose per 24-hour period.cialis online

  • The Cialis for daily use

For those who intend to use Cialis on a daily basis, there are tablets special low dose (2.5 mg and 5 mg). By taking these pills at the same time each day, you'll be ready for a sexual relationship when the time comes. The recommended initial dose is 2.5 mg, however, your doctor may increase the dose, according to how your body reacts to the drug.Learn more about Cialis Daily

  • Original vs Generic Cialis

This means that the two have the same efficacy, duration, dosage, side effects, etc, The biggest difference is the price, which is much lower for a generic version.

  • Effects on the libido ?

When you're feeling sexually aroused, your brain sends signals to your penis where cells start producing nitric oxide which allows the blood to fill and flood the penis.

  • Comparison Cialis and Viagra

Cialis is also a bit more expensive, but sells it in smaller doses and at longer effects.

  • Where to buy
  • Side effects

The infrequent side effects include : stuffy nose, cough, pain in the arms or in the legs, redness, temporary facial and neck, back pain and muscle aches.

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  • Precautions

If, after taking the medicine your erection lasts more than four hours, or if it is painful, stop using Cialis and get medical help. This condition is known as priapism or prolonged erection, and it can damage the penis.

Patients with liver and renal disease should be very careful while taking Cialis, as these organs may not be able to process the medicine.

Do not take Cialis if you have been prescribed medication nitrate for heart problems or chest pain. Taking Cialis with a medicine of nitrate can cause a serious fall and sudden blood pressure (hypotension).

  • Summary

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